Bone Orchard

Moors Magazine - The Netherlands -click to view

Excerpt Translated from Dutch:

They know how,  with their unconventional approach, to enliven and empower traditional music....when tradition meets adventure they know it's a good combination. Mouthwatering outrageous Americana.....beautiful, beautiful!

Santa Fe Reporter

"As their contemporaries thrust themselves headlong into the world of the same-old, same old,  Americana act, Bone Orchard, dissect their genre and reanimate it.. and when Bone Orchard uses these ideas for something special, they begin to stand out in a land where acoustic-fueled pickery is king. This is a bigger deal then you might think."

Heaven Magazine #4 - The Netherlands

Translated from Dutch:

"No one can deny that this is one of the most exciting folkrock albums of recent times. "

New Mexico Magazine

'tight harmonies and musicians who are truly attuned to each other...will have you toe tapping and humming along"

Santa Fe Reporter

'one of New Mexico's most exciting acts....Bone Orchard symbolizes the romantized spirit of the west...and finds the hidden beauty amongst the sand and the stones..redefining Americana".

Excerpt (roughly) translated from Dutch:

....the music of Bone Orchard is however, not haunting. Around the very nicely orchestrated voices of the couple, Daniel and Carol Eagle, which are light-footed, there are carefully arranged instruments. The results are overall, beautifully packed- a must.

Real Roots Cafe online, The Netherlands

Translated from Dutch:

"One question applies, do you like it or not? In the case of " A Romance of Ghosts" the answer is a resounding  YES! A very delicious mixture of beautiful melodies and arrangements, a pure, dark short: a high quality, mysterious and curious album" .

'like the strange cousin of folk music that grew up equal parts Joy Division and Hank Williams".